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Monday, June 3, 2019

Fluidstack review - earn $5 or more monthly without any work

Another good site where you can earn easy money without any work. The site offers cloud services to their customers and needs upload bandwidth for their content. It pays you just to install a small program that runs in the background. It doesn't impact the performance of your computer. It runs only when you are not using your computer.
FluidStack pays $5 for upload speed up to 100 mbps, $10 for speeds above 100 mbps and so on. 
The payments are automatically made on the last day of each month to your PayPal address.
After you register you have to create new cluster and download the node software. 

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March 2020 Update - the site is still paying automatically every month.

Payment proof: 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

PointsPrizes - earn PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and more

Update December 2018: The site is still paying and has a lot of offers for international users as well. 

PointsPrizes.com is a website where you can earn fast and easy money and get paid in your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. The site is similar to Grabpoints and iRazoo. You can use either the website or their iOS/Android app on you smartphone or tablet.
When you join you can apply these codes from Use coupons menu on their site and get started with 500 points:


You can earn 500 points from coupons, the rest you have to earn by completing free offers, trial offers, playing games - you get 10 points if you play a game and reach the required level/points in the game. If you can't finish the game you'll still eran 1 point.

Make sure you install the app and use it on your phone - from the app you can view video ads and get 1 point for each ad you view. There's a daily limit of around 50 ads/points.

The minimum to request a payment is a bit high - 3000 points for $20. But with the coupon codes above and using their app daily you'll be able to reach 3000 points in no time, especially if you live in USA, UK or another major country in which the available offers are more. You'll get paid in PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card, iTunes, Steam card, Google Play card and much much more.

PointsPrizes.com has a referral program as well - you'll earn 10% of your referral earnings for life! So it would be a good idea to try and get some referrals from USA and make profit just from their earnings.

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PointsPrizes.com Payment proof video:

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lucky Day App review - win real money playing free games

Lucky Day App is another good app you can use to win some free money. The app offers several ways to earn cash:
Daily Lotto - you pick the numbers and check the next day. If you're lucky you could win up to $100,000 - I haven't seen any winners of that much money but who knows..
Raffle - here you could win different prizes - $1000, gift cards, free chips and more. You can get daily entries for these prizes when you watch a short video.
Black Jack - if you know how to play this game you can try it and win free chips. The chips can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
You have 10 or more scratch cards each day. You watch a short video ad, scratch your card and reveal you prize. Mostly you win 1000-5000 chips and sometimes - cash prizes of $0.25 to $10.
Refer you friends and you get 25,000 chips for each referral. You can exchange 5,000,000 chips for $5 in PayPal /although most of the time PayPal rewards are sold out/.
As soon as you have $10 in your cash balance you can request a payment in PayPal.

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Update: the app is paying. If you want to exchange your chips to PayPal reward - check the Instant rewards section often because it's almost always sold out

Monday, October 23, 2017

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free payment proof

The app is legit and is paying. I just got my first payment:

If you love playing games you should definitely try it and make some extra cash. My advice is to convert all you tickets to cash and leave just a small amount for a chance to win the big prize. Read the full review.

Monday, September 11, 2017

BeerMoneyForum review - get paid to comment

BeerMoneyForum is a great site where you can earn free cash just for visiting the site and posting relevant comments. The site has it's 'currency' - BMF coins. 1000 coins = $1
You can earn coins by:
- visiting the site daily - you get up to 25 coins
- posting a comment in a thread - 15+ coins
- creating a new thread - 50+ coins
- referring people to the site - 500 coins
- getting likes - you get 5 coins when someone likes your post.
You can use the site to promote your affiliate links and get referrals for free - just open a new thread about the site you want to advertise, write a short description and post your referral link. Just make sure there isn't already a thread about the site you want to advertise - if you create a duplicate thread it will be deleted and you'll lose coins.
The site pays via PayPal. Currently the minimum to request a payment is 1340 coins /you'll receive $1 in your PayPal, the rest is for the fees/.
BeerMoneyForum is a great place to find out about money making sites, which ones are legit and which are scam. You can get answers to your questions about affiliate marketing, getting traffic, crypto currencies and much more.

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Payment proof:

Monday, September 4, 2017

BuildMyDownlines.com - get referrals, sales and earn free money

BuildMyDownlines.com is a good place to get new referrals for your affiliate programs and/or earn free cash. You can join for free and start using the services right away. If you need referrals for your affiliate links you can use the site to send e-mail ads and get free traffic to your website/blog/referrals links. 
The site allows you to send 1 e-mail ad daily for free to all members as long as you have advertising credits in your account.
To get free credits all you have to do is read other members e-mail ads. Each ad you read gives you 10 to 30 credits.
You can get free advertising credits with join offers as well. There are a lot of available offers and for most of them all you have to do is join a site for free and confirm your e-mail.
With BuildMyDoynlines you can earn money too. Some offers give you a cash reward for completing them. You can request a payment from the site as soon as you reach $2 in your account.

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Big Time Cash. Make Money Free app review - earn money playing games

If you love playing games on your smartphone you should definitely check Big Time cash app. This is probably one of the few apps that pay you just for playing their games.
When you install the app you have just 1-2 games available. The more you play the higher level you reach and you unlock more games. 
While you play you earn tickets. With these tickets you get the chance of winning their big prize - more than $900 /canadian dollars/. The drawing takes place every 2 days.
You can exchange your tickets for cash as well - 10000 tickets are $0.10. It may look like a lot of tickets but you earn them quickly. When you play you get boosters which double or triple your earnings and you earn more tickets.
Another way to earn free tickets is by watching video ads - you can watch 10 videos and each video gives you 100 tickets.
The app allows you to install more games and you get 5000 tickets for each app you install. Another plus for installing more of their games is that you can watch more videos and get more free tickets /if you don't like playing games this is a good alternative to get tickets/. So if you've installed 10 of their games, you can open each game, watch the available videos and collect your free tickets. You can repeat this every 3-4 hours and earn even $1 each day.
If you don't want to participate in the big prize drawing, you should 'deposit' your tickets in the bank - by doing this your tickets won't be spent for a chance to win the big prize and you can exchange them for cash. They pay in PayPal and the minimum to request a payment is $10.
You can refer other people and your get 2500 tickets and $10 cash if a friend of yours install the app and enters your invite code.

From this icon you can access the bank - deposit the tickets there if you don't want to spent them for the drawing of the big prize. Use 'Withdraw' if you want to exchange them for cash.

From here you can access your wallet - as soon as you have 10000 tickets you can exchange them for $0.10

Here your can watch videos and get free tickets, complete more offers or install other games and get free tickets as well.

Here you can access your profile and enter an invite code to get 2500 tickets for free and see your own referral code so that you can invite your friends and get 2500 tickets and $0.10 reward.

When you access your wallet you can see your current earnings, you can exchange tickets for cash and you can request a payment in PayPal when you reach $10.