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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

iRazoo - watch videos, play games, download apps, take surveys and make money

iRazoo is just another fun and easy way to earn a few extra bucks. It's like Swagbucks but if has one big advantage - it's available Worldwide and not only in US/UK/CA. The site is also very similar to the cash apps for your smartphone but it's a lot easier to do offers/surveys on your computer and not on your phone where most of the times you don't get points/credit for completed offers.

All you have to do is sign up and start collecting points. Once you've earned 3000 points you can redeem to $5 PayPal, Amazon or other gift cards. 

How can you earn points on iRazoo?

- Complete offers - you have different choices here. You can sign up for a newsletter, take fun quiz, trial offers and more.
- Complete surveys - great way to earn extra points. And the surveys usually pay the most. It all depends on the country you live in - most of the surveys are available for US users. But there should be a survey for you as well, just check the site often
- Watch videos - get extra points to watch short videos, app trailers and more
- Download apps - you can earn points by installing an app on your smartphone and play with it for a few minutes
- Enter promo codes - check iRazoo Facebook page for exclusive promo codes. You can get 15 points with these codes daily
- Refer friends - share your promo code and earn points once you referral earn 1000 points.

Once you sign up you can use my promo code A8VWJ2 and you'll get 500 points /$0.80/!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Giving Assistant - get $5 when you sign up & earn cashback from your purchases

Giving Assistant is another great site you can earn money with. It's a cashback site - all you have to do is just start your shopping from it and after you finish your purchase and the retailer confirms it you'll get cashback. The percentage of the cashback varies for different shops. It starts from 1% and could be up to 20% or even more!

Another great reason to use this site - it has tons of promo codes and coupons. You can save even a lot more just by using them. So whenever you decide to book a hotel, order something on Amazon or Ebay - just start from Giving Assistant and save money.

How you get your cashback? The site pays via PayPal or by Check. PayPal payments are sent every Monday. You need to have just $5.99 and you'll receive your earned cashback in your PayPal account. You should note that earnings will be paid after they're released from pending earnings. The pending period could be from 15 to 60 days - it all depends on the retailer.

On which sites you can shop with Giving Assistant?

Some of the sites you can use to earn cashback are Amazon, Ebay, Gearbest, AlliExpress, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Macy's and much more - the list is over 1800 stores!

Get a $5 sign up bonus from Giving Assistant

To get a sign up bonus you have to use my referral link. You can register directly on the site but you won't get $5 bonus. Of course you can refer your friends to this site and you'll get a bonus for each member that signs up from your referral link and earns a cashback. Don't try to cheat the system and register different account from your link - you won't get any bonus and your account probably will be suspended.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spare 5 minutes and earn some cash!

Can you spare 5 minutes of your time and make some money? If you can then you might wanna check Spare5. It's a great site /and a phone app/ you can use to make some extra cash. The site is kinda similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk - you have to complete simple tasks to get rewarded. The available tasks depends on your country and your previously completed jobs on the site. 

What kind of jobs you can do to earn money with Spare5?

  • writing image titles
  • matching different products
  • rating articles
  • completing quick surveys
  • find e-mail addresses, phone numbers, twitter handles, etc.