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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baymack.com review - watch Youtube videos, earn jackpot - Snuckls alternative


Baymack is another great site to earn some free cash.
If you enjoy watching funny videos on YouTube - why not get paid for that? All you have to do is watch a number of videos, choose the correct category of the video and pick a number.
You can have up to 10 entries daily. For the entries from 1 to 6 you have to watch 5 videos, for the entries 7 to 10 - just 2 videos.
The prizes are different each day - from $0.01 to even $100. The site is from the same people who created Snuckls and the concept is similar. 
They pay in PayPal with a very low minimum - just $0.02. The payment are processed really quickly - usually you get your money the same day.

Register now and try your luck! /there is a signup bonus which also varies  - around $0.01-$0.10, you have to get 10 entries to receive your sign up bonus/