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Monday, September 11, 2017

BeerMoneyForum review - get paid to comment

BeerMoneyForum is a great site where you can earn free cash just for visiting the site and posting relevant comments. The site has it's 'currency' - BMF coins. 1000 coins = $1
You can earn coins by:
- visiting the site daily - you get up to 25 coins
- posting a comment in a thread - 15+ coins
- creating a new thread - 50+ coins
- referring people to the site - 500 coins
- getting likes - you get 5 coins when someone likes your post.
You can use the site to promote your affiliate links and get referrals for free - just open a new thread about the site you want to advertise, write a short description and post your referral link. Just make sure there isn't already a thread about the site you want to advertise - if you create a duplicate thread it will be deleted and you'll lose coins.
The site pays via PayPal. Currently the minimum to request a payment is 1340 coins /you'll receive $1 in your PayPal, the rest is for the fees/.
BeerMoneyForum is a great place to find out about money making sites, which ones are legit and which are scam. You can get answers to your questions about affiliate marketing, getting traffic, crypto currencies and much more.

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