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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lucky Day App review - win real money playing free games

Lucky Day App is another good app you can use to win some free money. The app offers several ways to earn cash:
Daily Lotto - you pick the numbers and check the next day. If you're lucky you could win up to $100,000 - I haven't seen any winners of that much money but who knows..
Raffle - here you could win different prizes - $1000, gift cards, free chips and more. You can get daily entries for these prizes when you watch a short video.
Black Jack - if you know how to play this game you can try it and win free chips. The chips can be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
You have 10 or more scratch cards each day. You watch a short video ad, scratch your card and reveal you prize. Mostly you win 1000-5000 chips and sometimes - cash prizes of $0.25 to $10.
Refer you friends and you get 25,000 chips for each referral. You can exchange 5,000,000 chips for $5 in PayPal /although most of the time PayPal rewards are sold out/.
As soon as you have $10 in your cash balance you can request a payment in PayPal.

Download now

Update: the app is paying. If you want to exchange your chips to PayPal reward - check the Instant rewards section often because it's almost always sold out

Monday, October 23, 2017

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free payment proof

The app is legit and is paying. I just got my first payment:

If you love playing games you should definitely try it and make some extra cash. My advice is to convert all you tickets to cash and leave just a small amount for a chance to win the big prize. Read the full review.

Monday, September 11, 2017

BeerMoneyForum review - get paid to comment

BeerMoneyForum is a great site where you can earn free cash just for visiting the site and posting relevant comments. The site has it's 'currency' - BMF coins. 1000 coins = $1
You can earn coins by:
- visiting the site daily - you get up to 25 coins
- posting a comment in a thread - 15+ coins
- creating a new thread - 50+ coins
- referring people to the site - 500 coins
- getting likes - you get 5 coins when someone likes your post.
You can use the site to promote your affiliate links and get referrals for free - just open a new thread about the site you want to advertise, write a short description and post your referral link. Just make sure there isn't already a thread about the site you want to advertise - if you create a duplicate thread it will be deleted and you'll lose coins.
The site pays via PayPal. Currently the minimum to request a payment is 1340 coins /you'll receive $1 in your PayPal, the rest is for the fees/.
BeerMoneyForum is a great place to find out about money making sites, which ones are legit and which are scam. You can get answers to your questions about affiliate marketing, getting traffic, crypto currencies and much more.

Join now

Payment proof:

Monday, September 4, 2017

BuildMyDownlines.com - get referrals, sales and earn free money

BuildMyDownlines.com is a good place to get new referrals for your affiliate programs and/or earn free cash. You can join for free and start using the services right away. If you need referrals for your affiliate links you can use the site to send e-mail ads and get free traffic to your website/blog/referrals links. 
The site allows you to send 1 e-mail ad daily for free to all members as long as you have advertising credits in your account.
To get free credits all you have to do is read other members e-mail ads. Each ad you read gives you 10 to 30 credits.
You can get free advertising credits with join offers as well. There are a lot of available offers and for most of them all you have to do is join a site for free and confirm your e-mail.
With BuildMyDoynlines you can earn money too. Some offers give you a cash reward for completing them. You can request a payment from the site as soon as you reach $2 in your account.

Join now for free

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free app review - earn money playing games

If you love playing games on your smartphone you should definitely check Big Time cash app. This is probably one of the few apps that pay you just for playing their games.
When you install the app you have just 1-2 games available. The more you play the higher level you reach and you unlock more games. 
While you play you earn tickets. With these tickets you get the chance of winning their big prize - more than $900 /canadian dollars/. The drawing takes place every 2 days.
You can exchange your tickets for cash as well - 10000 tickets are $0.10. It may look like a lot of tickets but you earn them quickly. When you play you get boosters which double or triple your earnings and you earn more tickets.
Another way to earn free tickets is by watching video ads - you can watch 10 videos and each video gives you 100 tickets.
The app allows you to install more games and you get 5000 tickets for each app you install. Another plus for installing more of their games is that you can watch more videos and get more free tickets /if you don't like playing games this is a good alternative to get tickets/. So if you've installed 10 of their games, you can open each game, watch the available videos and collect your free tickets. You can repeat this every 3-4 hours and earn even $1 each day.
If you don't want to participate in the big prize drawing, you should 'deposit' your tickets in the bank - by doing this your tickets won't be spent for a chance to win the big prize and you can exchange them for cash. They pay in PayPal and the minimum to request a payment is $10.
You can refer other people and your get 2500 tickets and $10 cash if a friend of yours install the app and enters your invite code.

From this icon you can access the bank - deposit the tickets there if you don't want to spent them for the drawing of the big prize. Use 'Withdraw' if you want to exchange them for cash.

From here you can access your wallet - as soon as you have 10000 tickets you can exchange them for $0.10

Here your can watch videos and get free tickets, complete more offers or install other games and get free tickets as well.

Here you can access your profile and enter an invite code to get 2500 tickets for free and see your own referral code so that you can invite your friends and get 2500 tickets and $0.10 reward.

When you access your wallet you can see your current earnings, you can exchange tickets for cash and you can request a payment in PayPal when you reach $10.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baymack.com review - watch Youtube videos, earn jackpot - Snuckls alternative


Baymack is another great site to earn some free cash.
If you enjoy watching funny videos on YouTube - why not get paid for that? All you have to do is watch a number of videos, choose the correct category of the video and pick a number.
You can have up to 10 entries daily. For the entries from 1 to 6 you have to watch 5 videos, for the entries 7 to 10 - just 2 videos.
The prizes are different each day - from $0.01 to even $100. The site is from the same people who created Snuckls and the concept is similar. 
They pay in PayPal with a very low minimum - just $0.02. The payment are processed really quickly - usually you get your money the same day.

Register now and try your luck! /there is a signup bonus which also varies  - around $0.01-$0.10, you have to get 10 entries to receive your sign up bonus/

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bigfreegiveaway.com review - visit daily and you could win the jackpot

Another great site where you could win some free money is Bigfreegiveaway.com. All you have to do is sign up and visit the site daily to get your free daily ticket. The more tickets you have the bigger is your chance of winning the weekly jackpot. 
You can refer other people to the site as well. For each user that signs up with your link you get 1 extra ticket. There is a weekly cash prize of €5 for the user who has mos referrals.

Paid-videos.com review - get paid for watching videos on YouTube

Do you love watching funny and interesting videos on YouTube? If yes - why not getting paid for that?
With Paid-videos.com you get paid to watch just 60 seconds of a video. There are a lot of videos available. Everyone can join the site, you don't have to live in USA or UK.
For each video you watch you earn 0.40 coins. To get paid you have to earn 200 coins which are $2.
The site pays with PayPal.

Join now and start watching videos

Thursday, May 18, 2017

CashPirate app review - earn free money with your smartphone

CashPirate is another good app you can use to earn free PayPal money or Amazon gift cards. You have to collect points which you can later exchange for rewards.
All you have to do is check for available offers, install the apps you see and run them at least once. You get points immediately after you install and run the app. Some apps require for you to keep them for 3 days. You'll see the points for these apps as Pending - once the required period is over, the points will be added to your total points. 
The app has currently 2 more offer walls available - SponsorPay and TrialPay. You'll see there the usual offers which these offer walls have in your country, most of them are free trial offers and my advice is to stay away from that.
There is a AdColony videos section as well - if you have available video ads in your country you'll get 2 points for each ad you watch.
The minimum to cashout is $2.50 or 2500 points. It might seem like a lot but you'll earn points quickly. /the app seems to offer apps which are not offered in other similar cash apps/

To get 500 bonus points use my referral code - PRNVET
With this code you'll get bonus points with each app you install. 

Download CashPirate from Google Play

Update - Payment proof, they pay instantly after you redeem your points.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Coinbux.de review - scam site, don't waste your time.

Coinbux.de scam
If you found this new German site 'Coinbux.de' and you wonder whether you should join or not - don't. It's a SCAM and it doesn't pay. You'll only waste your time.
It promises 1 Euro sign up bonus. At the beginning it was 'giving' 0.01-0.02 Euro per click. But they changed the rules, now you 'get' 0.0002 per click. Come on, you'll earn more if you just check once Freebitco.in.
There was a message that they have problems with people from East Europe.. Well, I highly doubt that someone from Deutschland will bother wasting 30 minutes clicking ads in order to 'earn' 1-2 cents.
Even if you decide to join this scam site and you reach the minimum, you'll never get paid. At least I wasn't - my account was deleted a week after I requested a payment, without any explanation. The payment proofs you see on the site are either fake, or they're payments only to members who have paid the site to upgrade their accounts, so it's not really any earnings.
And if you are advertiser and you want to advertise on the site - don't waste your money there. Most of the users are from countries other than Germany and they don's speak German. If you advertise your HYIP links - no one using PTC sites to earn a few cents will invest in those type of schemes. And you'll have bigger success advertising your links on Ebesucher - it's cheaper, you can target your links by country and the user will spend at least 30 seconds reading your e-mail ad and visiting your link. Or you can use EasyHits4U to get quality traffic to your links, and again you can target your audience by country.
So stay away from Coinbux.de and if you want to make money from clicking ads - just stick to established and trustworthy sites like Clixsense and Neobux

Monday, March 27, 2017

InfinityTrafficBoost review - manual websites surfing and earn free bitcoins

If you have 10-15 minutes daily and you want to earn some free bitcoins you should check InfinityTrafficBoost. The site offers traffic to websites and you get paid to surf those sites. 
For each 10 sites you surf daily you get 1 share of the daily profit pool. This means that each day the site distributes the daily earnings as a reward fro surfing sites. The more your surf, the bigger are your earnings.
You can get up to 10 shares of the profits daily. If you refer people to the site you earn bonus shares if they surf as well.
You can earn even more if some of your referrals buy traffic from the site - you get a commission for each sale of traffic packages.
InfinityTrafficBoost offers you free traffic to your website/referral link. For every 4 sites your visit you get 1 visit for free to one of your links. You can of course buy more traffic and get more visitors.
The site is similar to EasyHits4U and other manual traffic exchangers. But unlike them it pays you good money for your time. Usually if you surf 100 sites daily you'll earn around 20k-30k satoshis which is about $0.30 with the current bitcoin price. Other sites pay you those money if you surf 1000 or even more sites.
You can get your earnings every 2 weeks in your bitcoin wallet. You don't have to invest anything in order to make money with the site.
These are my earnings for 4 days surfing:

Join now

Update - since the price of the bitcoin went so high they lowered the rewards and now you can earn around 700-800 satoshis daily. So it's not recommended using the site for now as it will take 100 days to reach the minimum for payout 100k satoshis and the fee will be 20k satoshis.

Monday, March 20, 2017

PointsPrizes.com review - earn points and get free money in PayPal, Bitcoin and more

Update: I got my first payment, the site is legit and paying

PointsPrizes.com is a website where you can earn fast and easy money and get paid in your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. The site is similar to Grabpoints and iRazoo. You can use either the website or their iOS/Android app on you smartphone or tablet.
When you join you can apply these codes from Use coupons menu on their site and get started with 500 points:


You can earn 500 points from coupons, the rest you have to earn by completing free offers, trial offers, playing games - you get 10 points if you play a game and reach the required level/points in the game. If you can't finish the game you'll still eran 1 point.

Make sure you install the app and use it on your phone - from the app you can view video ads and get 1 point for each ad you view. There's a daily limit of around 50 ads/points.

The minimum to request a payment is a bit high - 3000 points for $20. But with the coupon codes above and using their app daily you'll be able to reach 3000 points in no time, especially if you live in USA, UK or another major country in which the available offers are more. You'll get paid in PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card, iTunes, Steam card, Google Play card and much much more.

PointsPrizes.com has a referral program as well - you'll earn 10% of your referral earnings for life! So it would be a good idea to try and get some referrals from USA and make profit just from their earnings.

Join now!

PointsPrizes.com Payment proof video:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ForumCoin review - share your opinion and earn money.

Do you want to earn money just by sharing your opinion? With ForumCoin you can do that. It's an online currency you earn simply by participating in the forum, sharing your opinion, ask questions, etc. With each post you earn coins as long as your post is relevant to the topic, it's not just 2-3 words long and adds additional information to the thread.

What can you buy with ForumCoin?
You can exchange your coins for:
- PayPal cash
- Amazon gift vouchers
- Buy domain names
- Bitcoin 
and much more.

You can use your coins to add your referral links or website link in your forum signature, to place an ad for something your're selling or buying. You can trade with other forum members as well and transfer your coins to them in exchange for something you need.

Make sure you take a look at ForumCoin. Not only are you going to earn coins but you'll also find out new ways to make money online, get answer to your questions about specific sites, read interesting tutorials, connect with members from all over the world.

Register now

Update - just received my first payment.

Friday, February 24, 2017

WHAFF Locker review - get paid to view ads on your smartphone's lock screen

Do you check your phone for new messages and notifications every 5 minutes? If you do - you should definitely check WHAFF Locker. It uses your phone’s lock screen to show you ads and gives you money for every ad you watch. All you have to do is swipe to the right and check the ad. Most of the ads are interesting articles and you're not only earning money but learning something new as well.

How much you’ll earn depends on your location. If you’re lucky to live in USA, UK, Canada or another big country you’ll probably earn 2-3 cents per swipe. In case you live in a small country you’ll get $0.002 or something like that for each ad you see. It’s not much but it piles up quickly and you could earn a few cents daily just by doing what you usually do with your phone. 
Make sure you start using WHAFF Rewards too – it’s another app from the same publisher that pays you for installing, keeping and playing with apps for 1-2 minutes daily.

Feel  free to use my invite code and get started with $0.30 bonus - EQ20684

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UsabilityHub review - Get paid to complete short and easy tasks /tests/

One more great site you should add to your collection of online earning sites. Usability offers programmers and other people to test their products before releasing them to the general public and get some feedback.
Most of the tests are really short - it will take you no more than 5-10 seconds to complete the test. There are different types - choosing an image based on your preference, evaluating website design, etc. Make sure your read carefully the instructions before starting the test.
The website is quite popular so there aren't tests available all the time. My advice is to keep a tab in your browser with the site and it will notify you with a sound and a change in the tab's name when a new test is available to you. If you speak other languages besides English, make sure you select them in your profile. Tests are available in many languages.
Each completed test gives you 1 credit which equals $0.10. Currently I'm making around $1 daily when I have time to check the site. The minimum for payment is $20 and they pay through PayPal.

Join now and start earning.

Update - I reached the minimum to request a payment. They paid pretty quickly - just 2 days after my request.

Are you using Adblocker to block ads? Why not unblock ads and get paid to see them?

Many users these days are using AdBlock or other browser extension to block unwanted ads. Advertisers are not happy with that and they started paying AdBlock Plus and probably other similar extensions to show their ads. If you're using that extension and you're wondering why you see some ads - it's just the way AdBlock Plus is making millions of allowing some advertisers to show you their product.
Ourdata.us is an american startup company that had a great idea. It created an ad-blocking add-on based on uOrigin that will do the same - block unwanted ads. But they promise that once they start to get money from advertising companies to not block some of the ads, they will give 90% from the profits to the users.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TwitchFollows - make money by following Twitch streamers

If you haven't heard about Twitch.tv it's basically a streaming platform for people who want to stream video. It's used mainly by gamers who stream their gameplay. There're other type of streams but not as many as game streams. 
Twitchfollows is a site where you can earn money by following streamers. All you have to do is connect your Twitch account and start following streamers.
There're limited number of available following opportunities so make sure to check the site daily. Each time you follow a streamer you earn credits which you can later exchange for money. The site pays via PayPal or Bitcoin. 
The minimum amount for cash out is $5 /5000 credits/.
If you stream on Twitch.tv you can use the site to buy followers as well. All you have to do is deposit money into your account and choose how many followers do you need.

Join now

TwitchFollows payment proof:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Earnably.com - another great site to earn free money by doing simple tasks

If you're wondering how to make quick and easy money you should check Earnably. There are many ways to earn points there and turn them into real money. 
The first section you could check is Offer Walls. As you probably know you have to complete an offer in order to get points. Some of the offers are quite easy like visiting a website, searching the web, playing a free game, downloading an app and much more. Some of the offers give you a lot of points - buying lotto tickets or signing up for a free trial for example. Make sure you read carefully the instructions and terms for each offer. Right now the number of available Offer walls is 23 - I've never seen a site with more available offer walls before.
If you love doing surveys then Daily Surveys is another great section to earn points. The surveys pay quite well - from 35 to 99 points, sometimes even more. You'll have more available surveys if you live in USA or another major country but if you don't - check the surveys just in case, you might get lucky and have a survey waiting for you.
Watch Videos and earn points - all you have to do is watch a short video and collect some points. I have EngageMe.tv and adbistro currently available, maybe you'll have more options.
Complete Tasks - if you work on Clixsense or other similar site you're probably familiar with the CrowdFlower tasks. In this section you can view the currently available tasks and complete them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Globus - get paid to view ads on your smartphone or laptop

Another great app you can use to make some extra passive income. All you have to do is watch a quick ad and get paid.
Globus app can be installed on PC, tablet, and smartphone at the same time. You'll get a notification when a new ad is available. When you click on it you'll visit a website and you'll get paid.
The amount you earn for each ad it's not that big but you'll earn a lot more if you refer your friends and other people and they join with your referral link. Everything is absolutely free - you and your friends won't have to invest anything to earn money.
You can withdraw your earnings with WebMoney or PayPal.

Some people are earning a lot with Globus:

Join now 

TVSmiles - quiz, cash and fun

TV Smiles is a German app where you can win great prizes just by using their app and take fun and easy quizzes. All you have to do is install the app and start using it when you have some free time.
The quizzes and questions are very easy and you can learn something new in the process.
You have to watch short video ads or visit sponsored sites. You get different bonuses when you reach higher level.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

CetoBeto - collect free bitcoins every minute

Update - the site closed. It turned out to be a scam just like the previous project of this person - Donaldcoin. I'd stay away from his other projects..

If you're into cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins make sure you check CetoBeto. It's a cute website where you can collect free satoshis every minute. 
You don't have to invest your money to start using the site. The amount you can earn each hour varies - when the prize of the bitcoin goes up you'll earn less. And when the prize goes down - you'll earn more.
This is not like the other faucets out there. You can earn additionally more satoshis daily from:
- daily gift
- attaking monsters
- 'digging' for bitcoins 
- exploring sites - you get a Pika ball when you explore sites. Later you can use your balls to upgrade your account and collect more bitcoins
- campaings - visit pages and get rewards

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snuckls - watch videos, pick a number and win the jackpot

Snuckls is kind of a mini jackpot/lottery site. All you have to do is watch some videos, pick a number and wait for the daily drawing. 
You have to watch 5 videos and pick your number. The number of entries is limited to 10. So if you want to maximise your chance of winning you can watch 50 videos and pick your numbers every 5 videos you watch.

The prize is quite good - the jackpot is around $2000 each day. And if you have luck and guess correctly you can make some money very easily.
You can redeem to Amazon, Walmart, Target gift cards and PayPal. The minimum for PayPal is only $0.02

Join now

Quick update - I've been using the site for the past couple of days. I earned $0.001 twice. But today I won $7.51. And I got my payment just 1 hour after my request in my PayPal account. So give it try. If you're lucky you can earn $5-$10 bucks just for viewing interesting videos on YouTube.