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Monday, March 20, 2017

PointsPrizes.com review - earn points and get free money in PayPal, Bitcoin and more

Update: I got my first payment, the site is legit and paying

PointsPrizes.com is a website where you can earn fast and easy money and get paid in your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet. The site is similar to Grabpoints and iRazoo. You can use either the website or their iOS/Android app on you smartphone or tablet.
When you join you can apply these codes from Use coupons menu on their site and get started with 500 points:


You can earn 500 points from coupons, the rest you have to earn by completing free offers, trial offers, playing games - you get 10 points if you play a game and reach the required level/points in the game. If you can't finish the game you'll still eran 1 point.

Make sure you install the app and use it on your phone - from the app you can view video ads and get 1 point for each ad you view. There's a daily limit of around 50 ads/points.

The minimum to request a payment is a bit high - 3000 points for $20. But with the coupon codes above and using their app daily you'll be able to reach 3000 points in no time, especially if you live in USA, UK or another major country in which the available offers are more. You'll get paid in PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon gift card, iTunes, Steam card, Google Play card and much much more.

PointsPrizes.com has a referral program as well - you'll earn 10% of your referral earnings for life! So it would be a good idea to try and get some referrals from USA and make profit just from their earnings.

Join now!

PointsPrizes.com Payment proof video:

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