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Friday, February 24, 2017

WHAFF Locker review - get paid to view ads on your smartphone's lock screen

Do you check your phone for new messages and notifications every 5 minutes? If you do - you should definitely check WHAFF Locker. It uses your phone’s lock screen to show you ads and gives you money for every ad you watch. All you have to do is swipe to the right and check the ad. Most of the ads are interesting articles and you're not only earning money but learning something new as well.

How much you’ll earn depends on your location. If you’re lucky to live in USA, UK, Canada or another big country you’ll probably earn 2-3 cents per swipe. In case you live in a small country you’ll get $0.002 or something like that for each ad you see. It’s not much but it piles up quickly and you could earn a few cents daily just by doing what you usually do with your phone. 
Make sure you start using WHAFF Rewards too – it’s another app from the same publisher that pays you for installing, keeping and playing with apps for 1-2 minutes daily.

Feel  free to use my invite code and get started with $0.30 bonus - EQ20684

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

UsabilityHub review - Get paid to complete short and easy tasks /tests/

One more great site you should add to your collection of online earning sites. Usability offers programmers and other people to test their products before releasing them to the general public and get some feedback.
Most of the tests are really short - it will take you no more than 5-10 seconds to complete the test. There are different types - choosing an image based on your preference, evaluating website design, etc. Make sure your read carefully the instructions before starting the test.
The website is quite popular so there aren't tests available all the time. My advice is to keep a tab in your browser with the site and it will notify you with a sound and a change in the tab's name when a new test is available to you. If you speak other languages besides English, make sure you select them in your profile. Tests are available in many languages.
Each completed test gives you 1 credit which equals $0.10. Currently I'm making around $1 daily when I have time to check the site. The minimum for payment is $20 and they pay through PayPal.

Join now and start earning.

Update - I reached the minimum to request a payment. They paid pretty quickly - just 2 days after my request.

Are you using Adblocker to block ads? Why not unblock ads and get paid to see them?

Many users these days are using AdBlock or other browser extension to block unwanted ads. Advertisers are not happy with that and they started paying AdBlock Plus and probably other similar extensions to show their ads. If you're using that extension and you're wondering why you see some ads - it's just the way AdBlock Plus is making millions of allowing some advertisers to show you their product.
Ourdata.us is an american startup company that had a great idea. It created an ad-blocking add-on based on uOrigin that will do the same - block unwanted ads. But they promise that once they start to get money from advertising companies to not block some of the ads, they will give 90% from the profits to the users.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TwitchFollows - make money by following Twitch streamers

If you haven't heard about Twitch.tv it's basically a streaming platform for people who want to stream video. It's used mainly by gamers who stream their gameplay. There're other type of streams but not as many as game streams. 
Twitchfollows is a site where you can earn money by following streamers. All you have to do is connect your Twitch account and start following streamers.
There're limited number of available following opportunities so make sure to check the site daily. Each time you follow a streamer you earn credits which you can later exchange for money. The site pays via PayPal or Bitcoin. 
The minimum amount for cash out is $5 /5000 credits/.
If you stream on Twitch.tv you can use the site to buy followers as well. All you have to do is deposit money into your account and choose how many followers do you need.

Join now

TwitchFollows payment proof:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Earnably.com - another great site to earn free money by doing simple tasks

If you're wondering how to make quick and easy money you should check Earnably. There are many ways to earn points there and turn them into real money. 
The first section you could check is Offer Walls. As you probably know you have to complete an offer in order to get points. Some of the offers are quite easy like visiting a website, searching the web, playing a free game, downloading an app and much more. Some of the offers give you a lot of points - buying lotto tickets or signing up for a free trial for example. Make sure you read carefully the instructions and terms for each offer. Right now the number of available Offer walls is 23 - I've never seen a site with more available offer walls before.
If you love doing surveys then Daily Surveys is another great section to earn points. The surveys pay quite well - from 35 to 99 points, sometimes even more. You'll have more available surveys if you live in USA or another major country but if you don't - check the surveys just in case, you might get lucky and have a survey waiting for you.
Watch Videos and earn points - all you have to do is watch a short video and collect some points. I have EngageMe.tv and adbistro currently available, maybe you'll have more options.
Complete Tasks - if you work on Clixsense or other similar site you're probably familiar with the CrowdFlower tasks. In this section you can view the currently available tasks and complete them.