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Friday, December 30, 2016

RewardsPlaza - paid to click, watch videos, do surveys and more

If you're tired of iRazoo take a look at a similar site - RewardsPlaza. It has many available tasks for making some extra cash in your spare time. 

You can earn money from:

- paid to click - click a link and visit a website

- watch videos /mainly for US users/

- surveys - best paid tasks but available only for US/UK users

- apps - install free apps on your phone

- other offers - there're a lot of other offers available in Offer Walls

- refer friends and earn 10% of their earnings

Offeronia.com - install apps, take surveys, refer friends and get paid

Offeronia is a relatively new site where you can earn free stuff. All you have to do is sign up, verify your e-mail and start earning. Your job is to do simple tasks and accumulate points. Then you can exchange those points for different rewards like Amazon gift card, Steam gift cards, headphones and more. 
When you register you get 3 points bonus. If you log in each day you earn 0.1 points.
You can refer your friends as well. For each friend you refer you get 0.5 point. There is a limit for the number of people you can refer - no more than 8 per day.
100 points = $10 in PayPal.
The site is available for everyone worldwide.

Humanatic review - audit calls and get paid

If you're wondering what should be your next online earning method take a look at Humanatic. Basically you listen to a call and classify it by choosing one of the available categories. You can join the site no matter where you live, it's available worldwide.
The reward for each call you categorize varies but usually is't 1 or 2 cents. When you join you start with $1 bonus. There are different levels. The more calls you review the higher level you achieve. And you get a bonus on each level. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Prolific - earn up to £5 per single short study /survey/

If you enjoy doing surveys and get paid for this, make sure you check this company - Prolific Academic. The site is supported by Oxford University Innovation, part of the University of Oxford. All you have to do is sign up and complete your profile. Make sure you answer all the questions in the prescreening section. By doing this you'll be able to complete studies /surveys/.

Unlike other survey sites which are restricted to people living only in US/UK and a few other countries, Prolific is open to everyone worldwide. All you need is good English and free time. The studies are really short - no more than 10 minutes, and quite easy. The reward is really good - you'll earn from £0.50 to even £2.50 per survey. And you can request a payment as soon as you reach £5. They pay to PayPal.

Make sure you check the site for available studies several times a day because they don't send e-mail notifications and you must act quickly when a study is available

Join Prolific Academic now

Payment proofs:

Monday, November 28, 2016

GrabPoints.com - earn money by watching videos, visiting sites, taking surveys and more

GrabPoints.com is well known app for Android/iOS. Recently the company added a web version of their app which allows you to earn points very easily from your desktop/laptop computer.
You can collect points /which you later exchange for real money/ by doing simple tasks and offers:

  • watching videos
  • taking surveys /well paid, but not available for most of the countries/
  • browsing sites - there are a lot of offers which give you 10 points if you browse a number of slides /webpages/
  • downloading apps for Android and Apple smartphones
  • subscribing for trial offers /requiere a credit card and you should read carefully the requirements for each offer. You won't get credited or your points will be reversed if you cancel you free trial subscription immediately/
  • using promo codes - you get every day at least one promo code that gives you 7 points. Additionally you can answer 3 questions and if your answer is correct - you win a promo code for 15 points.
  • Just by signing up and completing your profile you can collect 1000 points. 

You can apply an invite code which gives you 500 points alone. Feel free to use mine - XXVPFR

Friday, October 14, 2016

Microworkers.com review - scam, waste of time or legit?

If you're looking for a site where you can earn extra cash doing micro tasks, you've probably came across Microworkers.com.

The site offers opportunities for people around the world to earn money doing small jobs like signing up for another website, testing apps, writing reviews, voting for websites, exploring sites and more. Don't expect to get rich from this site - most of the jobs pay around $0.05-$0.20. 

Of course some of the tasks pay more - around $0.50-$1 but you need to have perfect English skills, you have to be able to write high-quality articles or you have to have established website/blog with a lot of traffic where you can put someone's link and get paid for that.

Microworkers.com has some really negative sides:
- $9 minimum payout - you can request payment after you've earned $9 which you may think is easy but it took me 7 months..
- you need to confirm your physical address - unlike other similar sites you won't get paid unless you confirm your mailing address. After you reach the minimum for payout and request a payment, the site will send you a letter to your mailing address. The letter contains a PIN number that you have to enter and confirm your identity. Considering that everything nowadays is done online this is not only strange but also quite stupid. There's a chance that the letter could get lost, especially if you live outside USA, and if you don't get it in 4 weeks you'll have to request another one and it will cost you $2!
- high payment fee - unlike almost all similar sites, Microworkers.com charges you when they send you your hard earned money. And the fees are absurd.. If you request a payment via PayPal you have to pay 7.5% fee! As you probably know PayPal standard fee is 3.5% so not only do they don't pay the fee but they actually make profit out of it as well. And be aware that the $9 minimum doesn't include this fee so you have to earn at least $0.70 more to be able to pay the fee and get your money...
- employers have the option to reject your work - after you submit a task that you've completed, the employer has the right to reject it if he/she is not satisfied with it. Although this may sound reasonable it often could be used as an excuse to not pay you. It happened to me twice - my work got rejected and those people even had the audacity to mark my work as spam even though I've completed everything that has been requested... losers. You have the option to dispute such rejected tasks with MicroWorkers administrators but be aware that if they agree with the employer you'll be banned and you'll lose all of your earnings.. so you'd better suck it up and move on to the next task..

My advice is to use this site only as a last resort if you want to make money online. There're better sites where you earn more and do it faster. Take a look at Spare5 for example - the concept is similar, you get paid for completing small tasks, you have to earn just $1 to get paid, you need just a PayPal account and Spare5 pays the fee.. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

iRazoo - watch videos, play games, download apps, take surveys and make money

iRazoo is just another fun and easy way to earn a few extra bucks. It's like Swagbucks but if has one big advantage - it's available Worldwide and not only in US/UK/CA. The site is also very similar to the cash apps for your smartphone but it's a lot easier to do offers/surveys on your computer and not on your phone where most of the times you don't get points/credit for completed offers.

All you have to do is sign up and start collecting points. Once you've earned 3000 points you can redeem to $5 PayPal, Amazon or other gift cards. 

How can you earn points on iRazoo?

- Complete offers - you have different choices here. You can sign up for a newsletter, take fun quiz, trial offers and more.
- Complete surveys - great way to earn extra points. And the surveys usually pay the most. It all depends on the country you live in - most of the surveys are available for US users. But there should be a survey for you as well, just check the site often
- Watch videos - get extra points to watch short videos, app trailers and more
- Download apps - you can earn points by installing an app on your smartphone and play with it for a few minutes
- Enter promo codes - check iRazoo Facebook page for exclusive promo codes. You can get 15 points with these codes daily
- Refer friends - share your promo code and earn points once you referral earn 1000 points.

Once you sign up you can use my promo code A8VWJ2 and you'll get 500 points /$0.80/!

Sign up now

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Giving Assistant - get $5 when you sign up & earn cashback from your purchases

Giving Assistant is another great site you can earn money with. It's a cashback site - all you have to do is just start your shopping from it and after you finish your purchase and the retailer confirms it you'll get cashback. The percentage of the cashback varies for different shops. It starts from 1% and could be up to 20% or even more!

Another great reason to use this site - it has tons of promo codes and coupons. You can save even a lot more just by using them. So whenever you decide to book a hotel, order something on Amazon or Ebay - just start from Giving Assistant and save money.

How you get your cashback? The site pays via PayPal or by Check. PayPal payments are sent every Monday. You need to have just $5.99 and you'll receive your earned cashback in your PayPal account. You should note that earnings will be paid after they're released from pending earnings. The pending period could be from 15 to 60 days - it all depends on the retailer.

On which sites you can shop with Giving Assistant?

Some of the sites you can use to earn cashback are Amazon, Ebay, Gearbest, AlliExpress, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Macy's and much more - the list is over 1800 stores!

Get a $5 sign up bonus from Giving Assistant

To get a sign up bonus you have to use my referral link. You can register directly on the site but you won't get $5 bonus. Of course you can refer your friends to this site and you'll get a bonus for each member that signs up from your referral link and earns a cashback. Don't try to cheat the system and register different account from your link - you won't get any bonus and your account probably will be suspended.

Sign up now

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spare 5 minutes and earn some cash!

Can you spare 5 minutes of your time and make some money? If you can then you might wanna check Spare5. It's a great site /and a phone app/ you can use to make some extra cash. The site is kinda similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk - you have to complete simple tasks to get rewarded. The available tasks depends on your country and your previously completed jobs on the site. 

What kind of jobs you can do to earn money with Spare5?

  • writing image titles
  • matching different products
  • rating articles
  • completing quick surveys
  • find e-mail addresses, phone numbers, twitter handles, etc.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WHAFF Rewards - get paid just to keep the apps installed on your smartphone

Check out this great Android app - WHAFF Rewards. You could earn a lot of cash just for installing a few apps and play with them for a while. It has a lot of good quality apps and not the usual garbage like some other cash apps. And the best part - you get paid daily just for keeping the apps installed. It's not much, but if you've installed 10 apps you could earn about $0.50-$1 per day, just for not uninstalling them.
The app has also a very profitable referral system. You can invite your friends to try this app and for each friend that enters you referral code you get $0.30. So if you have a lot of friends and family and invite them, you could easily get $10 to your Paypal in no time.

Get the App on Google Play - http://bit.ly/2bB36V5
To get you started and get $0.30 use this code - EQ20684

Update - I finally reached the minimum and requested a payment. They paid quickly - after few hours the money was in my PayPal. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make money with your smartphone

You're probably checking your phone every 5 or 10 minutes just to see what's on Twitter or Facebook. So why not make some free money out of it? 
With BitMaker you get 250 satoshis every 30 minutes. All you have to do is click the notification, open the app, see a quick ad /most of the times it's just a simple banner/ and that's it. You'd think that 250 satoshis is not that much, but you'd be surprised how much can you earn per week. I don't check my phone that often and I still make around 30K per week. 
The app has recently added one great option - time boost. If you activate this option you can claim 250 satoshis every 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes. So that makes it 1500 satoshis per hour. 
You can also refer your friends and share your personal invite code with them. Every time someone uses your code you get 2500 satoshis. Cool, right?
The app pays once a week. You have to request a withdraw by the end of Friday. And on Saturday your earnings are paid. In my opinion this is the best app to get free satoshis - you don't have to see long video ads often like the other apps. The interface is clean, the app loads fast and you always get paid on time.
So check it out on Google play and use my invite code to get you started with 2500 satoshis

Invite code - 1JD28O

Monday, August 22, 2016

Instaniche - huge profits or waste of money?

If you're thinking of buying Instaniche product I have one word for you - don't! I've tried it and it's just another useless product that promises huge and fast profits which is far far away from the reality.
The sales page should be your first signal that none of the promises are real. You can't build in just 60 seconds working site with Amazon affiliate products that will attract real customers and get you commissions. All of the screenshots of thousand of dollars are fake, or at least have nothing to do Instaniche.
If you decide to buy the product, as soon as you finish the payment you're redirected to the first upsale. This is another 'great product' which is suppose to teach you how be successful affiliate marketer - Instaniche Academy. You have to pay $67 for this and what you get in exchange? Just a bunch of useless videos and pdf e-books which are suppose to teach you something. $67 dollars for that? You can learn a lot more just by watching free videos on YouTube and read some free articles as well. Or you can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn a lot more from them, even as a free member.
If you decide to buy Instaniche Academy, just like I did, you're going to be offered yet another upsale. This time it's just some exclusive access to a secret Facebook group where all the gurus are sharing their priceless advice and experience. And this is a monthly subscription! Every month you have to pay just for reading some useless posts on Facebook? I skipped this sale of course.
So what you can do with Instaniche? It was suppose to build quickly a website with unique content and generate sales pages with affiliate links to Amazon products. Yes, it does that. But the generated site has only 3 articles and 3 sales pages. And it looks so cheap and ugly that you have to edit it by yourself in order to make it more presentable. The articles are of really bad quality and not unique at all - they use software to spin the content just to make it unique in terms of search engine optimization. But if you actually read them - it's total garbage.
I spent a lot of time just editing the automatically generated website. I could've done it from scratch a lot faster. But even if you decide not to edit the website and start earning from it - how do you do it? Well, you need traffic of course. And the sales page of Instaniche promises that your new website will go to number one on Google and you'll have traffic. Of course non of that is true. You have to promote it and do the SEO for yourself. And if you're newbie like me you simply can't do that. So you end up with an ugly website that no one will ever visit and you'll get $0 commissions.
You also get invited to exclusive live webinars which were supposed to reveal 'the big secret' that drives traffic to your site and makes you rich. But the purpose of these webinars was only one - to make you buy another useless product, a quite expensive one. And the only person who becomes rich from this is the Instaniche creator since he get commissions for every sale of this product.
So I just requested my refund as they offered 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. I contacted their support but the only response I got was is to keep using the product. In exchange I will get some exclusive free pdf e-books and free access to all of the new features of Instaniche.. Of course I declined the offer - no response after that whatsoever..
So I just opened a dispute in PayPal and just after 1 day my purchases were refunded. But I'm not sure that you'll have the same success so it's best to just stay away from this product.
And the last bad thing - your e-mail account gets a lot of spam daily. You get at least 3 or 4 e-mails every single day with offers for exclusive products on JvZoo. And every single product page looks exactly the same - a few videos, screenshots of a PayPal balance of thousands of dollars and many, many promises for quick success and thousands of sales.. Probably some of the products could help you and do their trick, but most of them are just pure lies and you'll just spend your money for nothing.

Shop on Amazon with bitcoins - Purse.io review

You love shopping on Amazon and you use Bitcoin as well? Did you know that there is a website you can use to buy stuff on Amazon and pay with digital currency? This is Purse.io. Not only can you pay with Bitcoins but you can get guaranteed discount and free delivery. 

Shop on Amazon with bitcoins

You can use the website in 2 ways - as a shopper or as a earner. As a shopper you make a wishlist on Amazon  with the products you want to buy and then create an order on Purse.io for this wishlist. You can choose the discount you want for the order - it could be from 5% to even 25-30-%. My advice is to set a discount between 15% and 20%. This way your order will be placed sooner. Not many users are willing to spend their gift balance for a discount higher that 20% - at least in my case I never order something if the discount is more than 20%. In most cases you'll get free 2-day delivery since many users have Amazon Prime. So another bonus from using Purse is that you get free delivery on everything, even if it costs only $10.

Exchange Amazon gift card to bitcoins

The second way you can use Purse.io is to convert your Amazon gift balance in Bitcoins. If you have a lot of unused money in your balance and you want to get cash in exchange, this is probably the only way to do it. After you sign up on the site you go to Earn section and you can see all of the available orders you can place. You can filter them by country and by amount. After you choose an order you'll be redirected on Amazon where you must order the products from the wishlist. Make sure you check carefully all of the details, especially the estimated delivery date and/or additional shipping charges. If you don't like either of them, you just don't finish the order and you cancel it on Purse.io. If you decide to place the order on Amazon, after the process is complete you have to confirm the order on Purse and paste the order confirmation from Amazon. And that's it. After the shopper receives his products, he/she confirms it on Purse and you get your bitcoins. You can then withdraw your earnings to your personal digital wallet.
There's also an option to buy something instantly, without having to wait for someone to pick your order. In this case you get a 5% discount and a free delivery. It's a great way to shop and save some money.  

EasyHits4U - make money while you're surfing

If you love browsing sites and you do it daily why not make some money out of it? Whit EasyHits4U you get paid just for browsing sites. Cool, right?
This is a manual traffic exchange site where you can advertise your website or product and see websites of other users. If you don't have a website and just want to earn some money, you get paid $0.30 for every 1000 sites your surf. It's not much but it's free money anyway and not many sites pay you just for surfing. 
The website is a great place to promote your page and especially if you want to get referrals to your account on PTC  or other sites. You can surf in 2 ways - 2:1 ratio, which means for every two sites you visit you get 1 credit. The other option is 1:1 ratio - for every site you visit you get 1 credit. The timer of the 2:1 surfing is 15 seconds and  the timer for 1:1 is 20 seconds. If you just want to earn money with EasyHits4U my advice is to use the first option - this way you surf faster. But if you want to use credits for promoting your own page you should probably use the 1:1 ratio, because you get 1 visit for every page you brows.
Apart from earning money for every 1000 surfed sites, you get special bonuses and prizes every 25 or 50 surfed sites - like free banner impressions, text ad impressions, surf drawing tickets and more. Every day you can win prizes like free credits and even $1 cash.
The site has great referral program as well - if a user referred from you surfs 100 pages, you get $0.10. And if your referrals buy credits or other products from EasyHits4U, you get bonus for that as well.
So if you haven't checked this great traffic exchange you should definitely do it now. I've earned almost $2 so far and I'm using it as a free advertise for my other projects.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Onlinemicrojobs.com review - opportunity or scam?

If you wanted to make some money online and you searched Google for online micro jobs, you've probably found Onlinemicrojobs.com. The site might seem like a legit way to make a few bucks online but my advice is to stay away and find something else.
I signed up a few months ago thinking that I can earn some cash but the reality is quit different. You'll see a lot of available micro tasks that you can finish and chances are you'll finish them quickly and easy. But you won't get credited for them and you won't get paid at the end. Most of the employers who posted tasks there have moved on from this site already and they won't confirm your task. The site's term state that you finished task will be confirmed automatically if the employer doesn't do this in 7 days. But this never happens. 
The support of the site doesn't respond to support tickets. I've contacted them several times and no response so far. I guess he only checks the site to approved new jobs and cash in on his Paypal money but don't confirm completed tasks because he doesn't won't to pay to the workers.
You have to reach $10 if you want to withdraw the earnings to your PayPal account but you'll never reach that amount.
99% of the tasks posted there are for ShareCash downloads which is not only forbidden from ShareCash but you'll just waste your time and sometimes money trying to complete the survey in order to unlock the file download.
If you're employer seeking for a website where you can pay people to complete small tasks - don't waste your money there. Most of the workers are from poor countries, their English is really bad and they just send a task as complete without even trying to do that. You'll waste your time just rejecting 'completed' tasks of those users.
My advice for both workers and employers is to sign up on Microworkers.com - it has many users, finished tasks are confirmed really quickly and its support is working.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

ComexPremier.com is a SCAM! Don't invest there

Hi guys.
Just wanted to warn you not to invest in this 'company'. It's a SCAM and it doesn't pay.
If you invest in HYIP programs don't put your money in these losers. I thought that it's going to be something different than the usual HYIP scheme. But it turns out it's the worst.
As a welcome bonus you get $10. They're 'paid' through S-Pay, which I'm hearing for the first time. You start 'getting' profit even without investing. But if you try to withdraw you get a message that the minimum sum to withdraw is $10, even though their rules say that the minimum is $0.10.
So I decided to put $10 with bitcoin. I tried to withdraw my 'profit' and I get the message that the minimum is $10. 
I was fooled by the sweet talk and the live webinars. I really thought this site is going to be something new and profitable.. Turns out it's much worse because you can't even get back some of your investment. The other HYIP programs at least let you withdraw some of your money before they shut down.. 
This was my second and last 'investment' in HYIP sites. I'll stick to less profitable but at least legit ways to make some money online. My advice - do the same and forget about HYIP investing.

Passive Paypal Income - Scam, stay away!

If you're looking for a ways to make quick money online you have probably come across the Passive PayPal Income scheme. If you've tried it - I guess you know what I'm talking about. But if you haven't yet - read this before joining it.
So what it is? Basically you have to buy it for $9.99 or $4.99, depends on which website you've seen it. The idea is to set up a website that sells an e-book. The e-book guides you step by step through the process of setting up your domain name, buying hosting plan, setting up WordPress blog and uploading the WordPress theme for this 'product'. And you're ready to go. You must start advertising your site and make other people believe this income opportunity and buy it.
Everything looks quite real and authentic, with all the screenshots, Paypal transactions history, e-mails for received payments, etc.. This ponzi scheme might have worked at the beginning, but know almost everyone knows about it and you won't have much success in convincing others to buy it.
There are many other variations of the same idea but with different names and different price tag - '$2 dollar miracle', 'Boost your PayPal', 250Pays, etc..
My advice - don't buy this thing and move on. If you decide to try it anyway just note that your PayPal account could be banned for doing this. 
I wanted to share this only because I tried it myself. Yes, I was stupid enough to pay $9.99 after I saw it a few times on a manual traffic exchange website. I told myself - why not? It looks real and it offers money back guarantee so I won't lose. I didn't go as far as to buy a domain and set up a website, but was seriously considering it for a few hours. Thankfully I got a refund after I told the seller that I'l open a dispute with PayPal. 
The positive side of this was that I got a lesson and I won't fall for the same or similar type of fraud.   

AlexaMaster - scam or good method to earn money from autosurfing and more?

AlexaMaster is another good site where you can earn a few bucks just by browsing sites and some other activities. You can do that by:

  • Autosurfing - when you click this option a news tab opens and the site starts visiting websites and you earn points for each site visit. This is a passive way to earn points, you don't have to be on a computer or click something after the timer reaches 0 /other surfing sites like EasyHits4U or TrafficG are manual surf exchange and you have to click an image every 15 seconds in order to get credits/. The good thing about Auto Surf is that you can start it on more than 1 computer - you just paste your surf link on another PC and you're done! But the other computer must have another IP. So if you have access to more than one computer with different IP you can earn a lot more points and reach faster the minimum sum for payout. Another great feature is that it's allowed to run your surflink on a VPS. So if you have one make sure you run your AlexaMaster link there as well. You'll learn up to 10 cents daily passively. 
  • Watching videos - all you have to do is watch part of a video and you get your points. The number of videos available each day is limited but make sure you check this section to maximize your profit.
  • Voting websites - another great section to earn extra points. This is manual browsing. You click on a website and you see if it's good or bad /you get detailed instruction hot to classify a website as good or bad. For each site vote you get 5 or less points. Make sure you check the website carefully before you vote for it. If you click the 'Good' button and it turns out the site is bad, you'll get Bad points. You good votes must be greater than the bad votes given to you. Otherwise you won't be able to cash out your earnings.
  • Facebook Likes - with this option you earn points by liking Facebook pages. You can get even 300 points for a single like. But don't use this option automatically for all Facebook pages without even checking them out first. Facebook has strict policy and you might get banned for liking pages for 30 days if you abuse this feature. 
  • Small jobs - don't miss this option as well. Here you'll find more ways to earn extra points by creating a promotional video or a blog post, translating pages and more.
AlexaMaster has a very profitable referral program. For each user you refer you get 100 points. And you can earn even more if this user buys points or other services on the website. So it's a good idea once you join the program to start promoting it.
Of course you can use the other services on the site and buy advertising packages for your website or blog. You can boost your Alexa ranking and get potential buyers for your products or services. 

After you've accumulated enough points you can request a payment. You need at least  30000 point to do that and you have to be a member for more than 7 days, and have more than 1000 good votes. The payment is processed with Paypal. Check the site for full description.

Earn $10 Paypal or Amazon gift card in less than a week

If you want to make some extra cash by doing surveys - take a look at SurveyJunkie. It's a survey panel where you can complete surveys and get rewarded. Each survey gets you points which you can exchange for Paypal money or Amazon gift card. The points for each survey are different - from 30-40 to even 300 points. 100 points equal $1 so you get paid sometimes $4 for a single survey. Most of them are very short and easy to complete - around 10-15 minutes. Of course there are longer surveys as well which pay much more. 
The good about this site is that when you get an e-mail for a survey opportunity and you try it - most of the times you'll qualify and complete it. I guess their system is quite good and they only send survey notifications for the ones that you have the best chance of completing. 
Another good side is that you get points even if you're disqualified from a survey - you get 2 or 3 points which is $0.02/$0.03. It's not much but still.. Everyday you have a lot of surveys waiting in your account so make sure you try them. Best case scenario - you won't qualify but still make $0.10-$0.20. 
It took me just a week to reach the minimum for a payout - $10.  The first $2 I got just by completing my profile. The rest is from 4-5 surveys. Other survey panels have much higher minimum threshold - usually $25 and some even $50! Which in my experience is quite hard to achieve - it will took you months before getting there..And you don't usually get bonus if you're disqualified from a survey.
So take a look at Survey Junkie and see for yourself if it's for you or not. Good luck!

Ebesucher - Make money with autosurfing

If you want to make some extra cash - autosurfing is another opportunity. You basically need to keep a browser open and let the website surf for itself. There are many sites that offer this but most of them don't offer money in exchange. You can trade your points or credits for visits to your website /some of them are HitLeap, BigHits4U, OtoHits, 10kHits and more/. 

Ebesucher actually pays for your autosurfing. It's a German website but it's in English so you don't have to learn to speak Deutsch in order to use the site. All you have to do is register and put your surflink in a browser tab. If you want to earn more points /which you exchange for money/ you should use Firefox - Ebesucher has an add-on for it and you get more points that way.

Another way to earn points is to use its Mail exchange program. You'll receive e-mails once in a while and after you visit the link from the e-mail you'll get points. 
You won't make a lot of money but it's a passive income - you don't even have to be in front of the PC. And you can put your surflink in more than one browser as long as it's on a different computer with a different IP. 
There is traffic exchange program as well. You can use your points to get visitors to your site. So you basically get free advertising and traffic to your site which could boost your Alexa rank.
The minimum sum you have to earn in order to request a payout /via Paypal/ is just $2. If you live in Germany or you have access to a German IP you'll earn more points. But other countries can get you some points as well, not as much as Germany but still..

Scam alert - Brainbux is a scam!

Just wanted to share this - Brainbux is a SCAM. Don't be fooled by the big money this site is offering - 0.10 euro per click? No one pays that much for a single click! After you've clicked all the ads and you try to withdraw, you get a message that you need to make 100 clicks.. OK, no problem. You come back tomorrow and you click some more. You have already more than 100 clicks and surprise - if you try to withdraw you get a message that you need 10 direct referrals.. Fine, if I need to do this in order to get my money.. You get your referrals, which is not that easy and you'll probably have to pay for advertising your referral link on other site like Clixsense, and when you try to withdraw.. Surprise - you get the same message that you need 10 referrals.. 
So obviously this site is a scam and from what I've read online this is not the first time the site owner is doing this scheme.. He earns money from people who pay him to put their ads on his site or for membership upgrade and he never pays to the regular members who just click the ads..

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Earn free bitcoins - faucets and more

You've probably heard about Bitcoins - a digital currency that it's widely spread over the internet and more and more sites are stating to accept it as a payment method. If you haven't tried it yet - do a little research and consider start using it. You'll need a digital wallet to store your bitcoins. I'm using Blockchain.info but there're many more, you have to pick one for yourself.

Where to get free bitcoins?

The easiest way - faucets. You basically check them once in a while and collect your free satoshis /that is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin/. You won't get rich or anything but it's free money so why not? The best faucet for me is Freebitco.in

Earn  Free bitcoins

You can earn around 350 satoshis per claim. Make sure your check the site each hour. With each claim you get 2 lottery tickets and 2 rewards points. Each week you can win big cash with the lottery tickets - up to 2 bitcoins sometimes! More tickets - more chances for a win. You can buy lottery tickets with the bitcoins you've earned as well. 
The site recently added a rewards system - you can exchange your rewards points for prizes like free bitcoins, electronic gadgets, gift cards and more. You'll need a lot of rewards points for that, but still..

My first post

Hi guys and welcome to my new blog. I wanted to share my personal experience with online money making. I've tried a lot of different methods and as you've probably found most of them are either not working or scam. But there are of course some real money making opportunities and I'm going to post the best ones in my opinion. Make sure to subscribe so that you get the latest updates, scam alerts and other money making news.