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Monday, November 28, 2016

GrabPoints.com - earn money by watching videos, visiting sites, taking surveys and more

GrabPoints.com is well known app for Android/iOS. Recently the company added a web version of their app which allows you to earn points very easily from your desktop/laptop computer.
You can collect points /which you later exchange for real money/ by doing simple tasks and offers:

  • watching videos
  • taking surveys /well paid, but not available for most of the countries/
  • browsing sites - there are a lot of offers which give you 10 points if you browse a number of slides /webpages/
  • downloading apps for Android and Apple smartphones
  • subscribing for trial offers /requiere a credit card and you should read carefully the requirements for each offer. You won't get credited or your points will be reversed if you cancel you free trial subscription immediately/
  • using promo codes - you get every day at least one promo code that gives you 7 points. Additionally you can answer 3 questions and if your answer is correct - you win a promo code for 15 points.
  • Just by signing up and completing your profile you can collect 1000 points. 

You can apply an invite code which gives you 500 points alone. Feel free to use mine - XXVPFR