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Thursday, May 18, 2017

CashPirate app review - earn free money with your smartphone

CashPirate is another good app you can use to earn free PayPal money or Amazon gift cards. You have to collect points which you can later exchange for rewards.
All you have to do is check for available offers, install the apps you see and run them at least once. You get points immediately after you install and run the app. Some apps require for you to keep them for 3 days. You'll see the points for these apps as Pending - once the required period is over, the points will be added to your total points. 
The app has currently 2 more offer walls available - SponsorPay and TrialPay. You'll see there the usual offers which these offer walls have in your country, most of them are free trial offers and my advice is to stay away from that.
There is a AdColony videos section as well - if you have available video ads in your country you'll get 2 points for each ad you watch.
The minimum to cashout is $2.50 or 2500 points. It might seem like a lot but you'll earn points quickly. /the app seems to offer apps which are not offered in other similar cash apps/

To get 500 bonus points use my referral code - PRNVET
With this code you'll get bonus points with each app you install. 

Download CashPirate from Google Play

Update - Payment proof, they pay instantly after you redeem your points.