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Friday, October 14, 2016

Microworkers.com review - scam, waste of time or legit?

If you're looking for a site where you can earn extra cash doing micro tasks, you've probably came across Microworkers.com.

The site offers opportunities for people around the world to earn money doing small jobs like signing up for another website, testing apps, writing reviews, voting for websites, exploring sites and more. Don't expect to get rich from this site - most of the jobs pay around $0.05-$0.20. 

Of course some of the tasks pay more - around $0.50-$1 but you need to have perfect English skills, you have to be able to write high-quality articles or you have to have established website/blog with a lot of traffic where you can put someone's link and get paid for that.

Microworkers.com has some really negative sides:
- $9 minimum payout - you can request payment after you've earned $9 which you may think is easy but it took me 7 months..
- you need to confirm your physical address - unlike other similar sites you won't get paid unless you confirm your mailing address. After you reach the minimum for payout and request a payment, the site will send you a letter to your mailing address. The letter contains a PIN number that you have to enter and confirm your identity. Considering that everything nowadays is done online this is not only strange but also quite stupid. There's a chance that the letter could get lost, especially if you live outside USA, and if you don't get it in 4 weeks you'll have to request another one and it will cost you $2!
- high payment fee - unlike almost all similar sites, Microworkers.com charges you when they send you your hard earned money. And the fees are absurd.. If you request a payment via PayPal you have to pay 7.5% fee! As you probably know PayPal standard fee is 3.5% so not only do they don't pay the fee but they actually make profit out of it as well. And be aware that the $9 minimum doesn't include this fee so you have to earn at least $0.70 more to be able to pay the fee and get your money...
- employers have the option to reject your work - after you submit a task that you've completed, the employer has the right to reject it if he/she is not satisfied with it. Although this may sound reasonable it often could be used as an excuse to not pay you. It happened to me twice - my work got rejected and those people even had the audacity to mark my work as spam even though I've completed everything that has been requested... losers. You have the option to dispute such rejected tasks with MicroWorkers administrators but be aware that if they agree with the employer you'll be banned and you'll lose all of your earnings.. so you'd better suck it up and move on to the next task..

My advice is to use this site only as a last resort if you want to make money online. There're better sites where you earn more and do it faster. Take a look at Spare5 for example - the concept is similar, you get paid for completing small tasks, you have to earn just $1 to get paid, you need just a PayPal account and Spare5 pays the fee..