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Monday, April 24, 2017

Coinbux.de review - scam site, don't waste your time.

Coinbux.de scam
If you found this new German site 'Coinbux.de' and you wonder whether you should join or not - don't. It's a SCAM and it doesn't pay. You'll only waste your time.
It promises 1 Euro sign up bonus. At the beginning it was 'giving' 0.01-0.02 Euro per click. But they changed the rules, now you 'get' 0.0002 per click. Come on, you'll earn more if you just check once Freebitco.in.
There was a message that they have problems with people from East Europe.. Well, I highly doubt that someone from Deutschland will bother wasting 30 minutes clicking ads in order to 'earn' 1-2 cents.
Even if you decide to join this scam site and you reach the minimum, you'll never get paid. At least I wasn't - my account was deleted a week after I requested a payment, without any explanation. The payment proofs you see on the site are either fake, or they're payments only to members who have paid the site to upgrade their accounts, so it's not really any earnings.
And if you are advertiser and you want to advertise on the site - don't waste your money there. Most of the users are from countries other than Germany and they don's speak German. If you advertise your HYIP links - no one using PTC sites to earn a few cents will invest in those type of schemes. And you'll have bigger success advertising your links on Ebesucher - it's cheaper, you can target your links by country and the user will spend at least 30 seconds reading your e-mail ad and visiting your link. Or you can use EasyHits4U to get quality traffic to your links, and again you can target your audience by country.
So stay away from Coinbux.de and if you want to make money from clicking ads - just stick to established and trustworthy sites like Clixsense and Neobux