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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Globus - get paid to view ads on your smartphone or laptop

Another great app you can use to make some extra passive income. All you have to do is watch a quick ad and get paid.
Globus app can be installed on PC, tablet, and smartphone at the same time. You'll get a notification when a new ad is available. When you click on it you'll visit a website and you'll get paid.
The amount you earn for each ad it's not that big but you'll earn a lot more if you refer your friends and other people and they join with your referral link. Everything is absolutely free - you and your friends won't have to invest anything to earn money.
You can withdraw your earnings with WebMoney or PayPal.

Some people are earning a lot with Globus:

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TVSmiles - quiz, cash and fun

TV Smiles is a German app where you can win great prizes just by using their app and take fun and easy quizzes. All you have to do is install the app and start using it when you have some free time.
The quizzes and questions are very easy and you can learn something new in the process.
You have to watch short video ads or visit sponsored sites. You get different bonuses when you reach higher level.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

CetoBeto - collect free bitcoins every minute

Update - the site closed. It turned out to be a scam just like the previous project of this person - Donaldcoin. I'd stay away from his other projects..

If you're into cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins make sure you check CetoBeto. It's a cute website where you can collect free satoshis every minute. 
You don't have to invest your money to start using the site. The amount you can earn each hour varies - when the prize of the bitcoin goes up you'll earn less. And when the prize goes down - you'll earn more.
This is not like the other faucets out there. You can earn additionally more satoshis daily from:
- daily gift
- attaking monsters
- 'digging' for bitcoins 
- exploring sites - you get a Pika ball when you explore sites. Later you can use your balls to upgrade your account and collect more bitcoins
- campaings - visit pages and get rewards

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snuckls - watch videos, pick a number and win the jackpot

Snuckls is kind of a mini jackpot/lottery site. All you have to do is watch some videos, pick a number and wait for the daily drawing. 
You have to watch 5 videos and pick your number. The number of entries is limited to 10. So if you want to maximise your chance of winning you can watch 50 videos and pick your numbers every 5 videos you watch.

The prize is quite good - the jackpot is around $2000 each day. And if you have luck and guess correctly you can make some money very easily.
You can redeem to Amazon, Walmart, Target gift cards and PayPal. The minimum for PayPal is only $0.02

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Quick update - I've been using the site for the past couple of days. I earned $0.001 twice. But today I won $7.51. And I got my payment just 1 hour after my request in my PayPal account. So give it try. If you're lucky you can earn $5-$10 bucks just for viewing interesting videos on YouTube.