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Friday, August 19, 2016

Onlinemicrojobs.com review - opportunity or scam?

If you wanted to make some money online and you searched Google for online micro jobs, you've probably found Onlinemicrojobs.com. The site might seem like a legit way to make a few bucks online but my advice is to stay away and find something else.
I signed up a few months ago thinking that I can earn some cash but the reality is quit different. You'll see a lot of available micro tasks that you can finish and chances are you'll finish them quickly and easy. But you won't get credited for them and you won't get paid at the end. Most of the employers who posted tasks there have moved on from this site already and they won't confirm your task. The site's term state that you finished task will be confirmed automatically if the employer doesn't do this in 7 days. But this never happens. 
The support of the site doesn't respond to support tickets. I've contacted them several times and no response so far. I guess he only checks the site to approved new jobs and cash in on his Paypal money but don't confirm completed tasks because he doesn't won't to pay to the workers.
You have to reach $10 if you want to withdraw the earnings to your PayPal account but you'll never reach that amount.
99% of the tasks posted there are for ShareCash downloads which is not only forbidden from ShareCash but you'll just waste your time and sometimes money trying to complete the survey in order to unlock the file download.
If you're employer seeking for a website where you can pay people to complete small tasks - don't waste your money there. Most of the workers are from poor countries, their English is really bad and they just send a task as complete without even trying to do that. You'll waste your time just rejecting 'completed' tasks of those users.
My advice for both workers and employers is to sign up on Microworkers.com - it has many users, finished tasks are confirmed really quickly and its support is working.

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